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Diamond Foods

San Francisco-based Diamond Foods is a snack food and culinary nut company focused on making innovative, convenient and delicious snacks as well as culinary nuts true to our 100-year plus heritage. We sell our products under five different widely-recognized brand names: Diamond of California, Kettle Brand and Kettle Chips, Emerald and Pop Secret. Our mission is to honor nature’s ingredients by making food that people love. We are proud of our offerings, many of which are non-GMO Project verified and free of artificial flavors and preservatives, and we are committed to making great tasting products for our consumers. Diamond’s products are distributed in a wide range of stores where snacks and culinary nuts are sold. For more information, visit the Company’s corporate web site:

Founded in 1912 with a strong heritage under the Diamond of California brand, Diamond Foods completed its initial public offering in July, 2005. The Company has approximately 1,700 year-round employees and its stock trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol DMND.

Diamond Foods has five premium product lines:
Potato Chips

Potato chips sold under the Kettle Brand label in the United States and Kettle Chips brand in the United Kingdom, are made with delicious blends of all natural seasonings and cooked in small batches in pure, healthy oils. There are over 28 flavors of all natural chips, which are recognized for their hearty crunch and golden color. The product line also includes better-for-you Kettle Brand Baked Potato Chips, the only baked potato chip made from real, whole slices of potatoes, which are available in five delicious flavors. Kettle products are sold in natural supermarkets, traditional grocery stores, club stores, mass merchandisers, food service, convenience stores and impulse channels.
Snack Nuts

Snack Nuts are sold under the Emerald brand delivering choice, convenience and excitement as consumers increasingly reach for healthier snack options. The Emerald lineup includes trail mix and other snack items as well as roasted, glazed and flavored snack nut products featuring unique flavors and innovative, resealable on-the-go containers. The product line includes 100 Calorie pack sizes for consumers seeking portion control in their diets. Emerald brand snack nuts are sold in grocery store snack aisles and produce departments, convenience stores, mass merchandisers, drugstores and other locations where snacks are sold.

Popcorn in both natural kernels and various flavors of microwave popcorn, is sold under the Pop Secret brand. The product line incorporates high quality details, such as Homestyle microwave popcorn with its larger salt granules and Jumbo Pop kernels which pop larger than conventional kernel popcorn. These innovations provide a tastier and better snacking experience. The product line also includes better-for-you items such as 94 percent Fat Free and 100 Calorie snack size options. Pop Secret is sold in grocery stores, convenience stores, drugstores, and other locations where snacks are sold.
Inshell Nuts

Inshell Nuts are sold under the Diamond of California brand to individuals who value tradition and fresh, healthy and aesthetically appealing snack foods. Diamond brand inshell nuts are typically sold in grocery store produce sections, mass merchandisers and club stores.
Culinary Nuts

Culinary Nuts are sold under the Diamond of California brand offering consumers a convenient recipe-ready source of nuts to enhance salads, vegetables, pastas, baked goods and other foods. Diamond brand culinary nuts are sold in grocery store baking and produce aisles and through mass merchandisers and club stores. In addition, the Company's culinary nuts are sold to high quality food processors, restaurants, bakeries and food service companies and their suppliers. Institutional customers use standard or customer-specified nut products to add flavor, texture and nutritional value to their product offerings.
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