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Our commercial cleaners and degreasers work well in auto shops and manufacturing facilities. Most people might think of degreasers as only useful for removing greasy residue from dishes, and it is useful for that.  However, a degreaser can also be used in commercial kitchens, automotive shops, and manufacturing plants, where grease, oils, and other non-water-soluble liquids are used often.  Some degreaser products also double as all-purpose cleaners.  There are several different types of degreasers available, from light duty and general cleaner to heavy duty or industrial strength.  You will need to choose a degreaser based upon the needs of your particular business.
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Degreaser Liquid - 1 Gallon Degreaser Liquid - 1 Gallon
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Dawn Heavy Duty Degreaser - 32 lb Dawn Heavy Duty Degreaser - 32 lb
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DRK3062493 Suma Kitchen Degreaser - 5 Liter
Our Price: $80.95
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If you work in the food service industry, you will need to clean, degrease, and disinfect the surfaces in the kitchen including stoves and ovens in order to continue to provide safe food for your customers. We offer degreasing cleaners which are also disinfectants like Formula 409 degreaser disinfectant and Whistle disinfectant degreaser and cleaner. These degreasers are also suited to use in schools, daycares, nursing homes, and other environments where the customers, residents, or employees might be more susceptible to germs.

Butyl degreasers are very effective degreasing agents which are particularly appropriate for industrial or manufacturing situations. Butyl is great at removing sticky, greasy residue and build-up. It works with water to change the solubility of the problematic oils and other gunk. Butyl degreasers have been scientifically proven to be safe to use in routine cleaning. However, if you want an even more environmentally friendly way to clean up difficult substances, you might want to try a citrus solvent or enzyme degreaser. These are derived from plants and natural substances to make a minimal impact on the environment. Some of the environmentally friendly cleaners we offer include Simply Green and Natrasolve Citrus Solvent. Most degreasing agents are sold as large bottles of liquid cleaner. Some are concentrated, so they can be diluted for use in spray bottle, while others are meant to be used full strength. It is important to read the instructions on the particular type of degreaser you purchase for your home or business. Certain degreaser cleaners are not liquid, but foam that is dispensed in spray cans. These foaming degreasers can be very effective when dealing with adhesives and petroleum based products. These cans of foam can be more expensive than larger amounts of concentrated cleaners and solvents. Buy wholesale degreasers from the leader in janitorial supplies.