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Cup Lids

Top off your favorite paper, plastic or foam beverage cups with our snap tight lids to prevent spills and burns while commuting to work. Most people have cups of coffee on the go and need lids to keep it contained. Most people like lids on their coffee as well while at their desk to prevent spills on their keywords as well.
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Buy Cup Lids for your disposable cups for takeout service in cafes and coffee shops. Many coffee houses prefer the black lids for their look and appeal. The seal tight like the rest of our lids. Clear beverage lids allow you to see the beverage inside. If you want your customers to see exactly what is in the cup, use clear lids. Translucent Cup Lids allow you to see that there is a beverage inside, but are not clear. You can not see exactly what the beverage is. These lids are the most economical. Customers that get a takeout beverage want a white lid on it to prevent spills in their car. Whether hot beverages or cold drinks, these lids secure tightly for safe transport.