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Creating A Positive Break Room Environment

Keeping the break room stocked is an essential part of keeping any business environment functioning smoothly. Employees count on the break room to be a convenient escape from the stress of the modern work place. The break room is also where business and casual relationships are built, creating an atmosphere of equality and encouraging positive interactions amongst employees. That is why it is important to make sure your break is always fully stocked with the basic amenities, and maybe even some luxuries, for workplace morale and effectiveness.

The Coffee Bar
Caffeine keeps the office running efficiently, and ensuring their experience at the coffee machine is pleasant can make a big difference in workforce morale. The two primary assets of the coffee bar are the cups and the coffee supplies.

While paper cups may be the most economical option, they are also less insulated than Styrofoam cups, so they heat up quickly to the point they cannot even be held. If you are intent on avoiding Styrofoam do to its negative environmental impact, there are plenty of insulated paper, or paper alternative, cups on the market, though they are significantly more expensive than simple paper or Styrofoam. Another simple solution is to use paper cups along with cardboard cup sleeves, which can be purchased in bulk at relatively little expense. The most cost effective option may be to purchase reusable mugs, which need never be thrown out, only washed, although this may be impractical on larger scales.

Keeping the coffee fresh and accessible is also key to ensuring the break room is running at optimal efficiency. Purchasing coffee filters, stirrers, and sweeteners in bulk will ensure that the coffee keeps flowing. Depending on the size of your workforce, it may be more cost-effective to buy large bottles of creamer as opposed to the small single serve packs as well. To encourage healthier choices amongst workers, it might also be a good idea to keep sugar alternatives on hand.

The Lunch Space

Most workers take their lunches in the break room as opposed to going out to eat. Unfortunately, not everyone is as neat or thoughtful as their peers, and finding someone has left a mess in the break room can really hurt workforce morale. The best way to keep a lunchroom clean is to empower workers to easily clean up after themselves. Having sanitizing wipes near the most commonly defiled places is a good start.

For many people, going into a closet is too inconvenient, so having these wipes in plain sight near the microwave, fridge and lunch table will encourage employees to clean up after themselves. Keeping paper towels and napkins stocked will also contribute to this.

In order to encourage good health amongst workers, it is also helpful to keep hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrance to lunchrooms and, more importantly, to keep them stocked. It is very frustrating to hold out your hand for some sanitizer to find it is empty.