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Cost-Benefit Analysis Of Choosing Green Cleaning Supplies

Going green is all the rage with homeowners and businesses alike. Whether you are simply trying to promote an image of environmental consciousness for your organization or are motivated by an honest desire to save the planet and mitigate the damage previous generations have wrought upon the environment, making the decision to choose green products requires careful consideration of the cost and benefits. This is especially true when choosing janitorial products with an eye towards sustainability.

Benefits Of Green Cleaning Supplies
Building Corporate Image- Many consumers are growing more environmentally conscious and as such are becoming pickier in their choice of whom they do business with. Choosing green products throughout a corporate structure can influence public perception of your organization. Cleaning and paper products are especially relevant in this transition, as both can use larger quantities of resources to make, which could be environmental damage. Cleaning with natural products and choosing sustainable toilet and facial tissue give you the opportunity to advertise your organizations dedication to going green from the bottom up.

Health and Safety
Cleaning chemicals and their packaging are apt to exposing employees and customers to harmful substances and carcinogens. Cleaning service areas and work spaces with naturally derived products promote generally improved health of everyone who is regularly in contact with these places, without sacrificing effectiveness. This is especially meaningful for organizations that do a lot of work with young children who are apt to put their hands and objects in their mouth.

Pollution Reduction
If you are serious about protecting our planet, there are a number of simple transitions to make that can help you reduce your impact. Locally sourced paper and cleaning products require less fuel be burned on delivery, and choosing recyclable packages will reduce your carbon footprint and cut down on landfill waste. Using naturally derived cleaning supplies also means that the chemical waste that gets washed down the drain will cause less damage when it eventually reaches the water supply.

Longterm Savings Potential

In many cases, choosing sustainable products will result in a long term reduction in costs. Energy efficient bulbs and recycled paper products reduce energy consumption and the cost of keeping bathrooms stocked respectively. Using chemicals that do not require special disposal practices can reduce disposal costs. In some cases tax credits are available for companies who manage to significantly lower their carbon footprint or waste production.

Disadvantages Of Green Products:

Initial Cost
Switching to new, greener supplies can sometimes have a higher upfront cost than simply maintaining the status quo, especially when it means installing new fixtures in restrooms or changing all of the lights in a facility. And some green cleaning chemicals are not available in bulk, and therefore will cost more.

Implementing New Practices
It can sometimes be difficult to get staff to transition to a new set of practices. Some green products may require a bit more elbow grease to do the same job as a more caustic or poisonous alternative which can be frustrating. Even implementing new recycling standards can take a while to become routine.

Finding Suitable Alternatives
Unfortunately, not all green products are created equal. It may require some trial and error on the part of supply purchasers and cleaning staff to find products that satisfy all of your needs, which can lead to wasted money and effort.

Now that you have a picture of what choosing ecologically friendly products can mean for your facility, you can make an informed decision that will best suit your needs.