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UPS Power Supply

Power outages can be a major inconvenience, whether you're at home or in the workplace, but when there are computers or other sensitive electronic equipment involved, the results of a sudden blackout can spell disaster. Having a UPS power supply (uninterruptible power supply or power source) as a backup power system can protect your equipment from the damage that can occur not only during a power failure, but also when there's a voltage spike or sudden reduction in voltage. Computer backup systems, such as a UPS external computer battery, work instantly to maintain power to your computers, fax machines and telecommunications equipment.

While it may only supply power for a few minutes, an external UPS will allow you the opportunity to save necessary data that would otherwise be lost and time to properly power down your systems. Having a UPS for computer safety is affordable and, at times, could be critical.
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900VA Digital AVR UPS LCD 120V USB 8 Outlet - Each 900VA Digital AVR UPS LCD 120V USB 8 Outlet - Each
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