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Combat Insecticides

Foodservice establishments and cafeterias have to maintain very clean kitchens and dining areas for inspections. Part of this includes keeping all pests out. Combat has been keeping cafeterias clear of bugs for many years.
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Have you been frustrated with roach control and abatement in your business, restaurant, day care, medical facility, or warehouse?  If a customer or client to your business sees a roach, it is a given that the client will be turned away, and feel the facility is dirty.  This is not necessarily true, but it is a perception to guard against.  In certain parts of the country, it is said, "if you haven’t had roaches yet, you will." Many times spraying… spraying… and more spraying is the method used to try to get rid of roaches.  What happens is the roaches are repelled, and most do not get killed.  With COMBAT bait traps and COMBAT gels, the roaches are baited to the products, and take it back to the nest.  Which kills them all, not just the ones that go to the bait. These products, which are made by Dial are put in discreet places, and do not create a problem with handling, smell, or safety around food products. Keep these COMBAT bait traps, and gels on hand, and set a routine of when to replace them.