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Clean Control Corporation

Clean Control manufactures OdoBan The Original Odor Eliminator since 1980, as well as multiple high quality cleaning, deodorizing and specialty products for families and industry professionals worldwide under the brands OdoBan, Earth Choice, Lethal, Pets Rule and Sports Edge.
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The first batch of OdoBan The Original Odor Eliminator was mixed in 1980. The original focus was to develop a highly effective cleaning product that was concentrated and cost efficient, yet would meet the challenges in nursing homes and breakrooms. In 1980, there were few commercial products available that could get rid of odors from bed pans, soiled bed linen and night gowns. Colostomy bag odors and the Cancer smell associated with patient rooms were an entire category all unto themselves. Extensive research on these specific human biological odors would eventually lead to odoban.

The unique qualities of OdoBan - performance, multi-use, environmental safety and signature eucalyptus fragrance - truly became the four cornerstones upon which a new company would be formed.