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Canliners and Trash Bags

Trash Can Liners come in many different Colors, Sizes and Thicknesses depending on your application. We stock large volumes of high density can liners, low density canliners, drawstring can liners and other waste disposal products. Whether you need 33 gallon garbage bags for your home or big 60 gallon can liners for your office or work, you can find them here at the trash bag superstore.
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Canliners or trash bags are an item every business and home uses. Buy wholesale garbage bags in bulk to get the best deal. We can band them together to minimize shipping. Residential trash bag buyers can rest assured that they are getting heavy duty commercial trash can bags that won't leak or tear. We sell thousands of cases of trash bags to restaurants and ball parks and prisons every year. While both high and low density bags are made from a petroleum based product known as polyethylene, the high density polyethylene provides a stronger tensile strength than low density ones and will be far stronger than the low density options. However, low density bags stretch more so are less likely to tear and rip under stress. Which means less leaks. Foodservice establishments tend to lean towards low density garbage bags to prevent leaks while taking out the trash.