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Buying Bulk VS. Single Servings For Your Break Room

In most cases, when stocking up on janitorial or office supplies, buying in bulk is the best way to get a good deal. When supplying your break room with the necessities, this may not always be the best case. You should take great care in choosing your break room amenities, as the quality of the break room experience can have a significant impact on workplace morale and company loyalty.

Some break supplies are fine to buy bulk. Things like coffee filters, stirrers, spring water and the like are always going to be cheaper when you buy in large quantities and their quality is not affected by purchasing in large quantities. Unfortunately when you apply that logic to certain commodities, that system breaks down, particularly when it comes to the coffee and coffee mix-ins.

Why is buying bulk coffee a bad idea? As anyone who enjoys a good cup of Joe can tell you, once a bag of coffee has been opened, it immediately starts losing its freshness. If you buy a large bag of coffee with the intent to make it last for a long time, every pot you brew is going to taste worse than the last. By the end of the bag the coffee will taste stale and acrid.

There is however a simple solution to this problem, as long as you are willing to pay just a bit more. Most coffee suppliers offer individual single brew packs that you can order in large quantities. While you are paying a bit more for the extra packaging, you can be assured that every pot will be fresh and perfectly blended. You may also find that you are saving money in the end as the single serve packs prevent employees looking for an extra strong brew from using more coffee than necessary.

The same is true of sweeteners and creamers. Buying packets as opposed to providing a container of sugar will not only prevent messes and overuse, it also encourages workers to make healthier choices as the number of packets used is concrete in their minds, compared to a continuous sugar pour. The same is true of creamers as research suggests people use less cream if provided with small packs than if they have bulk supply. The only potential problem with that is the shelf life of creamer packs which tend to go bad quickly, even when refrigerated.

Keeping these things in mind can help control the use of company resources while still providing all the amenities expected of a corporate break room.