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Office Breakroom Supplies

Coffee accessories and breakroom supplies are a must-have in most office environments, and we can supply you with just about everything from coffee, creamer, sugar and sugar substitutes to filters, stirrers and cups. You can buy office breakroom supplies in bulk at wholesale prices and save big. Not only will this category satisfy your need for office kitchen supplies, but it will also supply products for your customer waiting areas and lounges.

Select from well-known, top-name national brands like Folgers, Hills Bros., Millstone, Maxwell House, Lipton and Bigelow. You have your choice of a wide variety of coffee brews, including caffeinated and decaf in an array of sizes. There are more than two dozen selections from Folgers alone! This is also the place to buy your plates, plastic cutlery, bottled water, coffee cups and lids, beverage cups, napkins and straws. We even stock a complete selection of cup dispensers and lid organizers.

Employers should definitely make their company breakrooms as comfortable as possible and provide as many perks as necessary to make their employees feel at home and to keep them productive. The company breakroom is where everything happens every day. Gossip, the news of the week, pending layoffs, etc.... Make sure you are providing the best environment possible to facilitate the spread of news and information.