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Baking Cups

Our bulk cases of baking cups will keep your bakery or food establishment stocked for a while. Cook amazing desserts and pastries for your food patrons and minimize the mess and cleanup. If you're serving up muffins and cupcakes en masse, as most restaurants do, baking cups offer an undeniable level of convenience. These paper cups essentially take the place of cooking spray. Instead of taking the time to spray the pans, your bakery department will simply drop paper cups into the pan. When the muffins or cupcakes are done, they can be popped out of the pan quickly and easily. The cups leave little to no mess behind. This makes it easier than ever to clean off the pan and move on to the next delicious batch of muffins or cupcakes.
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Baked goods that are served in baking cups are much more portable than those served naked. You can pick up the muffin by the cup for easy serving. This allows your customers to grab a muffin from the buffet table or a basket at the check-in desk without getting his hands sticky. Your servers can arrange and rearrange the muffins by touching only the cups so that no part of the food is touched by bare hands. A neatly wrapped muffin is the perfect treat to enjoy on-the-go. Include these in your breakfast menu, especially if you have customers in a hurry, to start their day right. Buy Baking Cups for your baking jobs today.