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Are Budget Cleaning Supplies A Good Idea?

There's no question that in today's business climate every penny helps. And while bringing in profit is important, cutting costs makes a lot of sense as well. And one area that many companies choose to cut costs is in the kind of cleaning supplies that they use on a daily basis. It makes sense, really. After all, cleaning supplies are far from something that most clients are going to notice, so reducing the cost of them is a good way to save. But the big question is whether or not buying budget level cleaning supplies is a good idea - will they provide the same kind of results, or something sub-par?

The answer is that deciding which cleaning supplies to go cheaper on is a tough decision. The key is to determine which areas of janitorial care can handle a lower priced and possibly lower quality product. For example, bleach is generally bleach. While some varieties may be scented or be a 'name brand', usually bleach is something that can be bought at its lowest price without worry. But paper towels aren't the same a cheap paper towel can fall apart without getting any work done. The same goes for toilet paper. It may cost less, but it may be uncomfortable to use and may even fail to adequately clean.

Garbage bags are often looked at as a way to reduce costs, especially since there are low priced budget brands that are much cheaper than other options. Here, it really comes down to what is being placed in the bags. If a business mainly generates some paper trash and nothing else, a low quality bag won't be an issue. But if a business creates lots of heavier garbage like that of a restaurant, for instance then a low quality bag may not stand up to the use.

In short, the best thing for any business to do is to begin by looking at what they do and what they need from their cleaning supplies. There will likely be some areas where costs can be reduced and some areas where the highest quality product is far more important than the price paid for it. Spotting these issues will be the key to determine whether or not budget supplies will work or not. In many cases they may, but in some instances it's still worth it to get the best that money can buy.