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Antifatigue Mats

Keep dirt contained on these commercial anti fatigue mats for your business. They help keep your employees comfortable while working standing up all the time. Anti Fatigue mats are great for work stations, laboratories, store greeting posts, factories, cashier stations and packing areas in warehouses.
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Brown Needle-Rib Wiper Brown Needle-Rib Wiper
Our Price: $37.85
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Black Anti-fatigue Foot-Lover Mat Black Anti-fatigue Foot-Lover Mat
Our Price: $38.28
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Cushion-Step Antifatigue Mat Cushion-Step Antifatigue Mat
Our Price: $81.91
In Stock
Antifatigue Mats keep your employees comfortable during a long days work standing up. Sample stations in foodservice prefer these for their employees. Anti-fatigue mats work with the body to ease the aches and pains of standing on a hard surface.   If a worker is required to stand on a hard surface for hours at a time without an anti-fatigue mat, it takes very little time for aches and pains to become present in the feet, ankles, legs, hips, back, and neck.  When the body hurts a person will slow down, and not be as attentive to the task at hand. Over time this discomfort can develop into a serious problem requiring medical attention, and possibly disability.  Even if these serious problems do not develop, missed work, and lack of productivity is a common side effect from not having an anti-fatigue mat. Keep your employees comfortable, and productive.