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Always Remember To Clean Safely

Always Remember To Clean Safely
The importance of safety gear cannot be understated. Just as keeping one’s environment clean is vitally important to keeping a place safe, so too must you clean safely. Cleaning jobs may entail dealing with an assortment of things that need to be cleaned up, including mold, dust, and dirt, which can pose a hazard. But also, many of the chemicals that effectively break through tough grime on surfaces and sanitize can be very harsh on unprotected skin and eyes as well. Therefore, it’s important to pick the right protection for the right job.

Protective Gloves will not only keep your hands safe, but they’ll ensure that the material you’re cleaning up or with stays off of your skin. They’re truly your first line of defense in any job, and the wide variety of type means there is a glove available to help keep your hands safe during virtually every task.

• Poly disposable are excellent for workers in the food service industry as they prevent hand to food contact, though they are too thin for most cleaning jobs.
• Kevlar safety gloves are designed for those who routinely work with sharp materials, like shattered glass, and splintered wood or metal.
• Neoprene gloves are heavy duty and are ideal for the safe handling of harsh solvents and other powerful chemicals.
• Latex gloves are great for cleaning jobs like dishes and basic janitorial duties. Please note, however, that this material is a common skin allergen, so some users may find that they need an alternative.
• Vinyl is a good general multi purpose glove that works for light cleaning, or food handling. Some models are even available that are medical grade as well.
• Cotton and leather gloves provide solid protection against the elements, especially dirt, which makes them great options for gardeners.

Safety Glasses offer eye protection when you’re working with materials that could damage this particularlvulnerable and important body part. While all kinds perform essentially the same function by protecting the eye, always be sure to find the right safety glasses for the particular job you’re doing. Some types are better suited to guard against foreign bodies such as pieces of wood or metal that is shaved off in shops, while others work better to guard against fumes while preventing fogging when working with chemicals that emit strong gases, such as certain heavy duty cleaning supplies.

Whatever the job, be sure to do it safely, because when it comes to cleaning, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.