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A Guide To Cleaning Up The Bathroom Explosion

Anyone who has had to regularly clean public restrooms has had one those experiences: the dreaded bathroom explosion. Whether caused by malicious ex-employees, careless patrons, or a severely backed up plumbing system, the outcome is the same – waste and toilet tissue all over the floor, the walls, and in some cases, even the ceilings. These kinds of messes are terrifying to behold and make restrooms unusable for patrons and employees until they are dealt with. Cleaning up this kind of mess takes both incredible fortitude and special cleaning supplies and techniques.

Cleaning Supplies Required-

Two buckets

Degreaser or Dish Soap


Lots of Paper Towels

Heavy Duty Trash Bags

Gloves - Very Important !!! :)


2 Mops

Disinfectant Spray

The first step in cleaning up this major mess is to close down the restroom. This is a minor inconvenience to patrons but once they enter they will likely turn around immediately anyway, so it is best to just tackle this mess without the interruption. Before handling any of the mess or materials it is best to put on your face mask and gloves to prevent any contact. Sewage is not just gross, but is also dangerous to deal with as it is loaded with potentially deadly infectious microbes whoever used the facilities may have been carrying.

Fill your first bucket with water and the recommended amount of dish soap or degreaser based on the type you have on hand. It is best to use cold water since hot water can make the smell even worse. This will be your cleaning bucket. Degreaser or dish soap with enzymes are best for cleaning up biological messes, but in a pinch any anti-bacterial soap will do the job.

Fill the second bucket with one cap full of bleach per gallon of water. This will be your disinfecting bucket.

Start by using sturdy dry paper towels to wipe off as much of the mess as possible from surfaces and throw them in your heavy duty trash bag. It is recommended you start with the walls so any that falls will be cleaned up when you do the floor. Clean any remaining or caked on residue with paper towel soaked in the water with the degreaser or dish soap. Once the walls are free of biological waste you can give it a quick rinse with water and then spray thoroughly with disinfectant.

The floors will prove a different sort of challenge. Start at the outer edge of the affected area and use paper towels to clean up as much of the waste as possible. At this point you can use your mop and the cleaning solution to clean out the remaining residue. Using a fresh mop, or after cleaning and disinfecting the original, use the bleach water thoroughly clean the floors and allow to air dry.

To finish, make sure to spray all surfaces in the bathroom with disinfectant spray or clean with bleach, and spray your aerosol disinfectant to kill the ambient bacteria (and the smell) from the air.