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A Closer Look At Trash Bag Options

Whether you call the trash bags, garbage bags, can liners, or something else entirely, it can be surprising to learn just how many different types of them there are out there. And with so much variety, choosing the right one can sometimes be a little bit tricky. But finding the best trash bags for your needs isn't that difficult when you take a quick look at the basics behind them.

First, it's worth understanding more about density. The density of trash bags refers to their overall thickness and their overall strength. However, it can be a little confusing because:

High density bags are thicker and are much stronger

Low density bags actually stretch more and resist tearing

At first glance, it makes no sense that a low density bag is weaker but somehow resists tearing. The reality of it is that low density bags are best for lightweight items or for applications when bulky items will be placed inside. Rather than a corner of a box tearing through a high density bag, the lower density one will stretch and form around that box. However, fill them too full and the moment they're lifted out of the can they'll begin to rip.

You'll want to pay attention to the closure method as well. Most of the more common trash bags feature drawstring closures for easy use, but the heavier duty ones and some of the cheaper options may lack the drawstring, requiring you to tie them closed or use included wire closures.

Sizes vary, with the largest usually being 60 gallons in size. From there, 33 gallon all the way down to small bags that fit into wastebaskets are available. The size of the bags should be matched up to the size of the garbage can they'll be used in – an improper fit can cause serious trouble.

There are also red or yellow trash bags available. These are used to hold biohazard and other more dangerous types of materials, and as such will only be needed by a select few in the appropriate businesses.

Finally, scents may come into play as well. While most bags aren't scented, some that are more popular for home use are actually pre-scented to help reduce unpleasant odors in the garbage can. If you think this is needed, it's certainly a convenient option.

As long as you pay attention to the density and the size of trash bags, finding the ones that work best for you won't be a major problem. There are plenty of options available for any budget.