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4 Quintessential Office Cleaning Supplies

O4 Quintessential Office Cleaning Suppliesne of the first things people notice about your business is how clean it is. And they use every sense when making this judgment. Customers smell any bad odors in the air. It is really bad if a customer smells something foul because scent is the strongest sense tied to memory. Now your business is forever tied to that foul smell. You may have lost a customer for life as soon as they walked through the door.

But customers also look around instinctively. They can see any stains or messes that haven’t been cleaned up. They can feel if the floor is sticky underneath their feet. They can hear the work being done by the facility management staff, if they are busy working at the time. And especially foul smells can even be tasted. This is why a clean business is of the utmost importance.

But where should you start when keeping your business clean. First, you need a qualified cleaning staff. Second, you need to equip them with the right tools to get the job done. Because even the best cleaning staff in the world can’t clean effectively without the right tools. You should start your stocking with these four quintessential items.

1. Vacuum

Every business is either made of hard floors or carpet. In fact, most businesses are made of both types of flooring. But a vacuum can clean up spills and messes quickly, no matter what the surface. It is one of the fastest ways to maintain a clean working environment, especially during business hours.

When it comes to purchasing a vacuum, you may want to diversify. A large vacuum can handle just about any spill and is effectively used to clean large places after business hours. But a large vacuum is not always suitable for daylight hours. A smaller vacuum can pick up spills on the fly without offending any customers.

2. The Mop

Vacuums are good for picking up dry spills, dirt and debris. But not all messes are of the dry variety. A good mop can also clean up a mess during business hours without offending anyone. It can also pick up those pesky liquid spills and fix that sticky floor that the customer may feel under foot. Mops can also remove any liquid caused odors.

A string mop is great for cleaning massive amounts of hard floor after hours. But like a large vacuum, it may not be practical during the day. That is when a good, small, flat mop comes into play. So you need two varieties of the good old mop.

3. The Wet Vac

A wet vac, or carpet extractor, is quintessential for a business with carpet. When a liquid gets into the carpet it wreaks all sorts of havoc. It sits under there feeding all sorts of harmful mold and bacteria. And bacteria is the number one cause of unpleasant odors. Mold also eats away at the flooring underneath the carpet, ruins the carpet and costs the company money. A good wet vac can handle the nastiest of liquid spills into carpet.

4. General Cleaning Supplies

Consider the first three the “Big Three”. And it is obvious that a cleaning staff needs more cleaning supplies. But what might not be obvious is the fact that they need a variety of supplies. You need to make sure that they are approaching every job that they might be doing with the proper supplies and tools. Otherwise, you might be left with a business that looks, smells, feels and tastes dirty without any sound of a cleaning crew doing effective work.